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Violin, harp, vocals.
Group based in Espluga de Francolí/Rodez

French and Catalan roots.

New Folk. Arranged trad music and own compositions.

Formiga (Anna) and Cigale (Eva) met in 2010 at the Harp Centre Brussels. Their need to share and play music with others led them to each other, and they began working together, arranging traditional songs and tunes to suit their own style and pace.


With its origins in France and Catalonia, this Belgium-based duo is powered by a Celtic harp and a violin. Its sound is an exploration of the modern elements of folk music while still keeping its core essence. Their vocals are distinctive, with an overlapping style which blends seamlessly together. The audience never knows where one begins and the other ends.  In their surprising way, this two-piece band delights the crowds with their unique live performances.


In October 2011, they were invited to play at the Home Stock music festival in Glasgow, where they performed under the name of “Anna's Trio”, playing harp, violin, vocals and pipes. The crowd was captivated by the eclectic mix of sounds and songs from Scotland and France - the natural result of the girls’ diverse musical backgrounds. Inspired by the success of the festival and the reception they received, it was obvious that the music should go on. Formiga and Cigale was born and didn't have to wait long for their first concert.  That December, a performance in Sint-Rochus Chapel in Hoegaarden, Belgium provided the setting for the beginning of their ongoing story. Since then, Formiga and Cigale have been performing around Belgium, doing concerts and participating in cultural events.

The group’s first EP was released in October 2012. In June 2016 Formiga and Cigale released their LP, a CD recorded at Studio Igloo (Brussels). The work includes new pieces from around the world as well as own compositions. The work was nominated at Catalan Music Awards - Premis Enderrock 2017 in the categories of Best Folk Album 2016 and Best Folk Song 2016.


Since november 2019 the group can perform as a duo or with a Cobla (an ensemble, mainly comprising wind instruments, which is native to Catalonia and has a sound that makes it unique). 

In 2019 they played at the International Harp Festival in Dinan (Britanny) and in 2019 at the Internatiuonal Harp Festival in Noia (Galicia).

Formiga and Cigale are regularly embarking on tours through France, Catalonia and Scotland. They also collaborate in different musical projects such as La compagnie du Phoenix (Musical theatre for young audiences)or with singers-songwriters such as Laurent Leemans (the Imaginary Suitcase), Christopher J Brennan...




"Talented musicians and wonderful entertainers!" Neil Johnson - Chairman, London Chamber Music Society at Kings Place.


"They are really adorable people and brilliant musicians. They play what I would call ‘lady of the lake music with a Monty Python twist" Laurent Leemans, musician-songwriter The imaginary Suitcase.


"Une énergie incroyable, une poésie détonante, de la subtilité et du style pour un duo vibrant de talent... Les deux musiciennes envoient de la finesse à coup de polyphonie et d'arpèges". La librairie Michèle Firk de la Parole Errante à Montreuil aime Formiga + Cigale

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