Formiga and Cigale feat. La Principal de Tarragona


A new project bringing Formiga and Cigale's music world to another artistic dimension. 

PREMIERE on Sunday 10th November at Convent de les Arts - Alcover (Tarragona-Catalonia)


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What's a Cobla?

The cobla is a musical ensemble, mainly comprising wind instruments, which is native to Catalonia and has a sound that makes it unique. It has a wide and diverse repertoire, although it is popularly identified with sardana music.

A cobla is made up of 11 musicians who play 12 instruments. They are arranged in two rows. The first row is seated and includes the flabiol, a kind of flute, and the tamborí, a small drum, two tibles and two tenores, both double-reeded instruments related to the oboe. On the second row, where the musicians play standing up, are the brass instruments: two trumpets, a trombone and two fiscorns, which are similar to flugel horns. Finally, there is a 3 stringed double bass located at the end of the two rows. This is the only stringed instrument in the group. To know more about click here. (Source: Ajuntament de Barcelona)

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